A new approach to construction

Indeo Construction Services offer contract, commercial, programme and project management to your project as well as dispute avoidance and business development tools.


Indeo Construction Services exists to improve the working culture within the construction industry. An industry dogged by a reputation of cowboy builders, rogue traders, rip off culture and unreliability.

Our goal is to flush out those who bring the industry down and promote those who bring out the best of what construction has to offer.

To do this, we want to work with clients, contractors and subcontractors who want to deliver the very best projects with Indeo Construction Services providing the means with which to do that.

Our core values are:

Quality – our ambition is to get to zero defects on our projects via both a right first time attitude and an open and transparent approach by contractors that result in a self identified defect remediation, saving all parties time and money

Value – all projects are different, some premium specifications and some budget. Either way, the best value in relation to this quality should be achieved for all parties ensuring value for clients and profitable work for contractors.

Time – delivering works on time is clearly a fantastic measure of the success of a project. But reliability of the programme, communication of what is happening when and getting supplies and trades on site in time during the works is also demonstration of a well managed scheme.

Environment – despite progression in recent years, construction will, by its nature, always have an impact on both its local environment and the environment in general. However, every means possible should be explored for feasibility to ensure that this impact will be as minimal as possible.

Social – The impact of a project can also affect communities both in the short term (during construction) and long term (it’s lasting impression) and so constant communication and listening to their needs can have a lasting positive effect.

Health – No project should be delivered at the expense of anyone’s physical or mental health. Further to this, health and wellbeing issues are disproportionately high in the construction industry and that needs to change.

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