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Indeo Construction Services offer contract, commercial, programme and project management to your project as well as dispute avoidance and business development tools.

The NEC3 and NEC4 suite of contracts are some of the most commonly used standard form contracts in the construction industry.

Utilised heavily in civil engineering and infrastructure projects, they are now also being used more and more in construction.

Our NEC contract guidance and templates below are all completely FREE to download and use.

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The templates can be used on any project without needing to get in touch with us. However, if the guides and the templates do not meet the needs of your NEC contract, you can contact enquiries@indeo.co.uk to see how we can help you.

Introductory guidance

Coming soon – Introduction to NEC3

Coming soon – Introduction to NEC4

NEC Communications

Coming soon – NEC3 communication guidance

NEC3 communication templates:

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